Brigham LDS Temple + Lupine 2.jpg
Brigham LDS Temple

Brigham LDS Temple + Lupine 2

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I created these unique modern photos of LDS temples with my film camera (these images are NOT photoshopped, they are created in-camera).  Each photo is taken by shooting the same frame twice. The first exposure is of the temple silhouette and the second exposure is of an interesting scene or something that I bring with me. I feel it is important to make sure each second exposure image represents the area influenced by these beautiful buildings.  For the nature photos I shoot an entire roll of film and then re-roll it and go for a hike and photograph the surrounding areas to complete each image. After the images are developed and scanned by a professional film lab, I produce a high quality Giclee Print.

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Brigham LDS Temple + Lupine 2.jpg